Canadian large-format specialist IMAX Corp has unveiled plans to build a new high definition digital projector, which, says the company, will be able to screen the world’s largest high-quality digital image and give twice the performance of digital projectors.

Capable of filling large stadium-style theatres with screens of up to 80ft wide, the Super Digital Cinema (SDC) projector will use technology from Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing Cinema subsidiary.

In a statement, IMAX co-CEOs Richard L Gelfond and Bradley J Wechsler said: “We plan to leverage our expertise to deliver a DLP Cinema presentation product that is superior in quality to any other digital-based product in existence. To date we have built early stage working prototypes of the projector and our intention is to roll out a production version late this year.”

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Digital Projection International, IMAX sold its first digital projector last December to Japanese exhibition venture T-Joy.