CEO of European digital provider Arts Alliance Howard Kiedaisch has urged companies to innovate and embrace the digital transition, or face the risk of being left behind.

Speaking to industry members at the 1st Annual GlobeScreen digital conference sponsored by Naficy Pictures, Winbros and Avitav in London (November 17) Kiedaish said that the industry must become more educated about the potentials of the new digital platform, and should not be afraid to “experiment”.

Citing  the global release strategy of the environmental documentary Age Of Stupid, Kiedaish said it “would not have been possible without the capability afforded by digital cinema.” The film was broadcast across cinemas from its New York premiere and included a satellite link to the Himalayas to demonstrate the impact of global warming in the region.

“This new medium is beginning to take a foothold in the cinemas around the world but the opportunity to explore what is truly possible is only just beginning.”

“If you as an organisation or an individual don’t get involved and steer the direction of this change, someone else will.  The industry is moving and you simply can’t afford to stand still,” he added.

To read the keynote speech in full, click HERE.