UK VFX specialists LipSync have appointed Ben Shepherd as its new head of 3D/visual Effects Supervisor.

Shepherds credits as VFX supervisor and digital effects supervisor include the Harry Potter franchise, Alien Vs Predator,  X-Men: The Last Stand, Battle Los Angeles and John Carter.

“When the opportunity arose for Ben to join us, there was not a moment’s hesitation as he would improve any facility he worked at,” stated Stefan Drury, head of VFX, LipSync. “Having previously worked closely with Ben on several VFX-heavy features, I have first-hand experience of his extraordinary talent. Not only is he a superb VFX Supervisor who cultivates strong relationships with clients, he is also able to inspire and motivate the crew with his unlimited enthusiasm for his work and filmmaking.”

LipSync recently provided VFX for Total Recall, Great Expectations, Byzantium, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and the BBC’s adaptation of Birdsong.