The new service,, is aimed at enabling the entertainment industry to manage and distribute their digital content more effectively.

Digital asset management company Maglabs has launched a new pay as you go platform aimed at enabling the entertainment industry to distribute digital content.

It applies to any entertainment company that owns digital content and needs to securely manage it - both internally among staff and collaborators, and externally to specific or groups of journalists.

The platform can be used for any digital content including stills, video, scripts, production notes. According to its inventors the advantage is that companies using the service will only be charged for storage space on the system, not for distribution.

The platform also allows companies to build up a journalist network within the system, aimed at reducing the time it takes to share content with them.

Announcing the new venture at MIPCOM 2100 in Cannes, Maglabs joint managing director, David Knight said: “Many small to medium entertainment businesses just don’t currently have the tools they need to securely store, manage and distribute their digital assets. They are still coming in to find their email boxes jammed full of big files each morning. Or they are putting files on USB sticks and couriering them across town or via a runner across the office. does away with all of this.

The new site is expected to launch early 2012.