M Night Shyamalan has joined a group of investors in backing Chinese brand management start-up Mingyian’s micro-event platform for celebrities and influencers.

The venture is set to launch in autumn and will be the first of its kind in China. Others investing in the $500,000 seed round that closed on Tuesday [Jul 2] include RRE Ventures, #DominateFund, Foley Ventures and senior Chinese energy executive Eric Yao.

Mingyian will allow Western celebrities to host online events and monetise their fan base in China. Audiences will be able to connect with celebrities through activities that offer an opportunity to showcase their talent, connect with role models and meet like-minded peers.

The platform’s celebrity roster includes Brett Ratner, NBA All-Star and 2012 Shanghai Sharks player Gilbert Arenas, Paula Abdul and Wong Fu Productions.

“This is not just another fan site,” said Mingyian co-founder and CEO Jenny Bai. “This is about building a resource that not only recognises the aspirations of Chinese youth, but turns them into, real, meaningful opportunities, triggered by the people they admire the most.”

“There are huge opportunities in the Chinese market, and Mingyian is the team to seize them,” said #DominateFund co-founder Ben Parr.

Mingyian’s co-founders include president Rebecca Eydeland and Larry Namer, co-founder of E! Entertainment Television and Metan Development Group.