MUBI adds to global contracts with Belgian deal.

Belgacom TV, the Belgian cable network with a built in VOD platform, has added 500 MUBI titles to its film catalogue.

300 MUBI films will be available immediately, with a further 200 available in May, taking Belgacom’s catalogue to 1,300 titles - making it one of the largest in Belgium. The titles will be also be available online and via a PC.

Speaking to Screen about the latest of his company’s 165 global contracts, MUBI CEO Efe Cakarel said: “MUBI continues to execute its vision for great films to be available on any device globally. Starting today we are going to be on one of the biggest IPTV platforms in Europe. MUBI is creating a cinema package for the one million Belgacom subscribers to bring them the best in independent and art house films.”

Belgacom TV is a subsidiary of major Belgium telecommunications company Belgacom Group.