All devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher can now use streaming service.

Since Netflix launched its streaming service in the UK in January, it has enabled streaming on a wide array of devices, including iPhone and iPad, Android, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3. Now Netflix has released its app for Windows Phone in the UK and Ireland.

Netflix will now be available on all Windows Phone devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher, including those manufactured by HTC, LG, Nokia, and Samsung.

The Netflix App for Windows Phone will allow watching movies via both Wi-Fi and streaming data connections, support for closed captions, subtitles and alternate audio, user interface in local language, fast browsing and limited buffering, and account access when travelling to other countries where Netflix is available.

Netflix currently has more than 23 million members in the North America, Latin American, the UK and Ireland and more than 700 devices are available that can stream from Netflix.