Ilann Girard, the producer of Oscar-winning March of the Penguins, is one of the 34 participants selected for Power to the Pixel’s new cross-media course, The Pixel Lab, taking place in Cardiff.

Girard, and other participants from 14 European countries, are taking part in The Pixel Lab event that aims to develope new business models for companies working with cross-media stories, which extend across film, television, online, gaming, publishing, live events and mobile platforms.

Liz Rosenthal, founder of Power to the Pixel, said: “Power to the Pixel is excited to be working with some of the most innovative European talent, helping to develop new ways of telling stories, engaging audiences and creating sustainable businesses in an on-demand cross-media world.”

Power to the Pixel has selected award-winning producers, writers, funders and filmmakers, such as Dan Lawson, head of production, development and inward investment for Screen WM; Despina Mouzaki from the Thessaloniki Film Festival; and award-winning filmmakers Nichola Bruce and Anna Reeves.

Neil Peplow, Head of Film at Skillset, said: “As many traditional business models are no longer relevant, the Lab will support participants to improve their understanding of the international cross-media market, and identify and develop innovative new models.”

The Pixel Lab’s tutors will include pioneers such as Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner, Christy Dena, director of Universe Creation 101 and Michel Reilhac, executive director of Arte France Cinéma.

Reilhac said: “The Pixel Lab is going to be a milestone, the first of its kind, in this process. It is going to be an essential event in stating where we are in a transmedia world, what to do and how to do it, and where we are headed to.”

The lab will run from July 4-10 in Cardiff, Wales, running up to Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum from October 12-14 in London.