Music industry veterans Ian Hierons, Seth Kaplan and Christine Russell announced the venture on Friday [11].

Score Revolution allows composers to monetise their work while retaining copyright ownership.

Through the service creators are able to contact licensing customers worldwide such as filmmakers, film trailer houses, music supervisors, advertisers and other media licensing professionals.

Users search a catalogue with bespoke filters and innovative engines that use music to find similar tracks.

According to the founders, StudioCanal, Lionsgate, Lakeshore Entertainment, Constantin Film, Cattleya and Voltage Pictures are among the early adopters.

“The global music licensing market is valued at $2.5bn and is growing rapidly,” said Hierons, Score Revolution co-founder and CEO. “Score Revolution provides a unique opportunity for music owners to gain access to a vibrant market that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. We partner with rights holders to connect them with commercial opportunities while they maintain the full ownership value of their masters and copyrights.”