The 276 Showcase cinemas across the UK are set to be fully digitial by 2012.

Showcase Cinemas will begin their process of going fully digital with the instillation of the Sony Professional  4k projection system at the Cinema de Lux, Leicester.

The same system will then be rolled out at the 21 Showcase and Showcase Cinema de Lux locations across the UK.  

The Sony 4K projector generates four times the resolution of most traditional full-HD systems.

Karen Fox, general manager of UK theatres for Showcase said:

“Most other digital cinema projectors are only 2k, but Sony 4k is dramatically different, with four times the pixel count, delivering better picture clarity, resolution and quality for a more compelling and entertaining cinema experience.”

Showcase and Showcase Cinema de Lux are owned and operated by National Amusements, Inc. The exhibitor operates more than 1,500 screens in the US, UK, and Latin America.