US studio Sony broke new ground Friday by projecting the first 3D press conference for its film Resident Evil: Afterlife to Spanish press in Madrid.

The “groundbreaking” press conference saw lead actress Milla Jovovich projected live from Los Angeles to a packed cinema full of journalists in the centre of the Spanish capital city, following the screening of the fourth film in the popular horror franchise, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Jovovich amusingly pointed out that “3D adds a whole new dimension to proceedings,” as she jokingly waved her hands around to impress the audience and provided interesting insights about working in 3D, including having to conduct very realistic fight sequences, which resulted in serious injuries.

There were some minor hiccups in translation as the Spanish journalists questions were relayed to Milla via a translator and then the US actress replied in English with subtitles at the bottom of the screen in Spanish. But overall the conference went well and the quality of the image was impressive thanks to the use of latest 3D technology.

“We are breaking new grounds with this press conference,” Toni Costa, head of promotions for Sony in Spain, told ScreenDaily. “This is the first time this has been done and it is great that it is taking place in Spain.”

The previous three Resident Evil films all performed well in Spain, taking a combined $17m. The latest installment, Afterlife, will be released worldwide from Sept 10.