A new Video on Demand platform has launched in Spain through the Spanish social network Tuenti, the most popular website among people under 30; it has 12 million users.

Tuenti is a fully Spanish company and competes with Facebook, with 15 million users.

As it soft launches now, only 5,000 users will have access to this service. The three first movies of the Twilight franchise and the Harry Potter saga are for now the only titles available. In the next few months, the service will be opened to everybody and offerings will increase exponentially.

Sebastian Muriel, development director of the company, has said: “We are in an early stage and testing how people will react to it. We want to adapt the final product to the demand. We want to see the user’s experience in order to grow adapting the service to their needs.”

Tuenti wants to integrate the video streaming with social networking. Users will be available to chat while they watch a movie or post a comment on a film’s wall.

Tuenti has 7 millions videos viewed through its video channel and already has agreements with 40 content providers.

The price of the rental is $2.60 (€1.99) with unlimited watching during 24 or 48 hours. A flat rate is planned for the future.

This new VoD platform comes shortly after that Netflix announced the delay of its activities in Spain due. It will add to other platforms such as Filmin, a joint venture among the independent distributors; the recently appeared Swedish Voddler; the mainstream Hollywood packed Spanish owned waki.tc and the mainstream cineclick.es.

Video on demand platforms in Spain face rampant piracy in the country.