2006 open source film experiment, Stray Cinema, is starting a new project that allows the audience to create their own film out of unedited feature film footage.

The newest project allows users to download footage from the Stray Cinema website and remix the footage to create their own feature film. The five best cuts will be selected for a special screening event that will feature a live online screening of the films, as well as live chats and blogging.

“Traditionally films are created by a tight network working towards a singular vision, and the footage is only released when its owners can control how it is interpreted. We want to allow more people - different people - to tell their stories with this footage,” says Michelle Joy Hughes, founder of Stray Cinema, which is an Australian based company.

The original footage was shot in Melbourne by Brothers Young Pictures and was directed by Ryan Alexander Lloyd. Lloyd’s cut, titled Beginning, Middle and End, will be released and promoted by Stray Cinema next year.

Stray Cinema was started in 2006 as an experiment in filmmaking and information sharing. This most recent project is the first time the company has provided users with feature film footage.

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