Lars Von Trier has bowed to pressure from animal rightsorganisations and cut scenes of a butchered donkey from his forthcoming Manderlay.

Previously, actor John C. Reilly quit the set of the film in outrage at the killing.

In a letter to the protesting animal rights organisationsvon Trier stated: "To have the dead donkey in my film would have been animportant artistic contribution but the content - politically and socially - isin this case so vital it would be a shame to be overlooked by press writingsabout a donkey".

The ageing donkey was already facing death by injection and was put to death by aveterinarian before being slaughtered.

Fans of uncompromising art and donkey-haters are advised tobe on the lookout for special features on the dvd-version of Manderlay.

Part two of the Grace-trilogy is expected to get itsworld premiere at Cannes - whether incompetition or not - and the third film in the trilogy will start shootingearly in 2006.