LoneScherfig is set to direct Erik Nietzsche - the Early Years, based on asemi-autobiographical script written by Lars von Trier.

Scherfig(Italian For Beginners) is expected to start filming the project inDenmark in 2006. She is currently preparing to shoot internationalco-production Good, which stars Hugh Jackman and Romola Garai, in Berlinthis summer.

Billed as witty andironic and containing strong echoes of von Trier's early life, Erik Nietzsche - the Early Years is abouta young rebellious film director student.

VonTrier told ScreenDaily.com : "The script is already written. It's aself-centred, vanity project so I chose to resign from directing. By lettingLone Scherfig direct the film, it will hopefully be a little less narcissistic.She can give the film and the main character a little love and understandingand maybe shed a positive light on him".

Zentropaproducer Peter Aalbaek Jensen describes the project as "The Kingdom inFilm School".

Scherfigcommented: "Erik Nietzsche is an extraordinarily intelligent and very wittywriter. It is a privilege to be trusted with his complicated and lovable maincharacter by someone who knows fairly well what I will and will not be capableof adding to this unusual project".

VonTrier is increasingly turning his attention to script-writing. He penned ThomasVinterberg's highly anticipated new feature Dear Wendy and has beenwriting an episode of local Danish sitcom Clown.