Cannes favourite Lars VonTrier, in competition with the second part of his USA trilogy Manderlay, will shoot aDogme film in February next year before making part three, Wasington, which has nowbeen postponed until 2007.

The film, his second Dogmeproduction produced by Trier's Zentropa, has been titled Direktoren For DetHele in Danish and, while there is no formal international title, thattranslates roughly as Managing Director Of It All.

"Don't let the title fool you," producer Vibeke Windelovexplained. "Lars would never make a film about trade and industry, he's onlyinterested in the people who operate within it."

Trier is one of the foundersof the Dogme 95 movement which turns ten this year. He directed the second filmof the movement The Idiots, which screened in competition at Cannes in 1998alongside the first, The Celebration by Thomas Vinterberg.

"I always said to myself: If you weresomehow stuck in the filmmaking process in general it would be wise to take alittle dogme pill," he told Screen in reference to Managing Director Of ItAll. "The Idiots was fun," added Windelov. "Often when wehave been on more troublesome shoots, we have talked about how nice it would beto return to the simple way of shooting films."

Meanwhile buyers of Manderlayarefaced with conflicting emotions if Manderlay wins the Palme d'Or.Zentropa co-owner Peter Aalbaek Jensen told Screen that if the filmwins the competition, each buyer is bound by contract to pay a further 25% ofthe original asking price. A win could mean an additional $2.5 million inZentropa coffers.

"If we win they will have tosend us an extra payment," he disclosed. "They will probably gross morethemselves anyway, since more audiences will come to see the film as a resultof the Palme d'Or stamp."

Among the 30territorial deals so far closed are Japan with Gaga, Mexico with Gussi, Spainwith Golem, France with Les Films Du Losanges and Brazil with California Films.But major markets are still unsold, strengthening the anticipation forManderlay's Monday screening: on the block are North America, UK, Germany andItaly.