In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon in 2018 they are coming back! That is
the pitch for macabre Finnish sci-fi comedy Iron Sky, the new feature being plotted by Timo Vuorensola.

The film, which will be made by many of the same team behind Star Trek parody, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning (2005) is being produced by Energia Productions, Blind Spot Pictures and Petri Jokiranta. The producer is Tero Kaukomaa. The film is scripted by Johanna Sinisalo (Not Before Sundown).

The producers are developing an Iron Sky computer game as well as a feature film.

Star Wreck, which was billed as the first ever Finnish sci-fi movie, has achieved cult status on the internet - it has been downloaded close to four million times. A DVD version was released by Universal Pictures in Scandinavia. The aim is to turn Iron Sky into a similar phenomenon. The film is about Nazis who flee to the moon in late 1945, establishing a military base there, and then plot their return to earth in 2018.

Producer Kaukomaa of Blind Spot Pictures is representing Iron Sky at the EFM.