Paramount mark the release of Rise of the Guardians with a film-themed attraction in Leicester Square.


Funland 2

To celebrate the release of Rise of the Guardians on Nov 30, Paramount Pictures UK, in association with Westminster Council, have launched a Magical Funland in Leicester Square.

The first-such attraction to be hosted in the newly revamped Square, the Funland was officially opened by the film’s stars Chris Pine and Isla Fisher at the UK premiere of the latest DreamWorks Animation last Thursday (Nov 15) and will be open daily from 12-6pm for the next month.

In keeping with the film, activities include the Jack Frost Ice Slide and the Tooth Fairy Bungee and given the plethora of children we saw taking advantage of the Funland yesterday in fittingly biting cold conditions, it looks like it’s going to be a hit.

And if anyone has ever been in the M&M’s World at any time of the day on any day of the week, you’ll know that there will never be a shortage of children - or the young-at-hearts - around in Leicester Square.

Ya-Lin Chen, head of promotions at Paramount Pictures UK, commented: “I am thrilled that we’ve been able to do something different for this amazing release. Not only does it really reflect the magical nature of the film, but it’s something fun and different for families to do on a day out in the West End.”

Rise of the Guardians will be released by Paramount on Nov 30 in the UK.

Funland 3