Frédéric Delcor, the General Secretary of the Communauté Française in Belgium, has revealed further details of the cultural fund to support French-speaking filmmakers in Belgium.

The Fund is now worth €10 million per annum. There is also substantial funding available through the Belgian tax shelter system (which was worth an estimated €100 million last year to the Belgian film sector.)

Delcor revealed that the Cultural Fund has been rearranged so that first and second-time filmmakers can benefit. 4.250M€ has been set aside specially to support this area of production.

The General Secretary was in Cannes this week to support a strong crop of Belgian movies in the festival, a selection spearheaded the Dardenne brothers’ The Kid With A Bike and The Giants by Bouli Lanners (screening in the Quinzaine.)

Speaking in Cannes, Delcor has also expressed his confidence that the tax shelter (set up for the benefit of producers) will remain safe in spite of allegations that some intermediaries have been abusing it to generate disproportionate returns for themselves and their investors.

The Wallonians have recently set up their very own film awards , The Magrittes, to celebrate French-speaking Belgian cinema and to try to promote it to local audiernces. A party was held in Cannes this week to support the launch of the Magrittes.