China’s Dalian Wanda group held a launch ceremony at the weekend for its latest entertainment projects, Wanda Movie Park and Han Show Theatre, in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Located at opposite ends of the Wuhan Central Cultural District, an $8bn (RMB50bn) development project in downtown Wuhan, the two sites cost a combined $1.14bn (RMB7bn).

Described as the world’s first indoor movie theme park, Wanda Movie Park was designed by Stufish Entertainment Architects, founded by Mark Fisher, and features six attractions including ‘Ultimate Energy’, which combines 3D projection, live actors, props, stunts and special effects to transport riders to a future where man is at war with machines.

The Han Show Theatre features aerial, aquatic and immersive stage performance technology, including seating that lifts and pivots to enable the audience configuration to change shape.

Fisher was previously art director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, London Olympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Olympic Games.

“The Han Show and Wanda Movie Park are first of a kind, unique projects which will undoubtedly become new symbols of Chinese culture as well as leading new global entertainment brands,” said Wanda group chairman Wang Jianlin.

The launch event on December 20 was attended by foreign ambassadors to China, Chinese director Zhang Yimou and former AMPAS chief Hawk Koch, who is a consultant for Wanda’s Qingdao studios.

Wanda is planning to spend more than $32bn on theme parks and entertainment developments across China, including a tourism project in Guangzhou and a park in Wuxi in Jiangsu province.

Disney is planning to open its first mainland Chinese theme park in Shanghai at the end of next year. Universal and DreamWorks have also announced plans to build theme parks in mainland China.