Angelina Jolie, a bulked up James McAvoy and one of the world's most dynamic action directors stole the show at the weekend as Universal/UPI's Wanted took charge of the international marketplace with a $33m estimated launch.

The graphic novel adaptation about an unassuming office worker who learns he descends from a long line of extraordinary assassins opened number one in most of its 22 territories and played in 1,922 venues.

Russian director Timur Bekmambetov is an established superstar in his home country and could hardly have asked for more on his English-language debut. Wanted opened in second place in North America on $51.1m and has already amassed $84.1m worldwide after its first weekend.

The highlight came somewhat predictably from Russia, where Bekmambetov's Night Watch franchise re-wrote the record books, as Wanted grossed $11m from 612 sites or Universal's biggest launch in the market and the industry's biggest 16-rated release.

Wanted took $8m from 415 in the UK for the third biggest 18-rated release behind Hannibal and Sweeney Todd. In South Korea $6.7m from 240 produced Universal's biggest launch and the biggest opening of an 18-rated Hollywood picture.

Elsewhere, Wanted grossed $1.1m from 45 in Thailand, $870,000 from 36 in Hong Kong, $870,000 from 29 in Singapore, $770,000 from 59 in Malaysia, $746,000 from 91 in the Philippines, $833,000 from 76 in the Ukraine, $508,000 from 118 in Turkey and $484.000 from 67 in Poland.

The picture will roll out across the rest of the world in the next three months, starting with Italy next weekend. Hollywood has traditionally steered clear of Italy during the summer months when the country retires en masse to the beach, however Warner Bros proved last July with Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix that there is such a thing as midsummer Mediterranean munificence.

Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk, handled by Universal/UPI in most territories, added $12.1m from 4,243 sites in 54 territories for $85.5m, $76m of which comes from Universal territories with the remaining $9.5m coming from Australia and New Zealand through Paramount/PPI and Spain through Sony Pictures Releasing International. The worldwide total has reached $201m.

The picture ranks fifth after its third weekend in the UK and added $1.4m from 435 for $15.3m, and ranks second in Italy after two on $1.1m from 240 for $4.5m. The Incredible Hulk held on to the number one spot in Spain through SPRI on $1.4m from 590 dates for $4.7m.

The green giant ranks third in Mexico after three weeks on $9.9m, fifth in Brazil on $4.4m after three. There are nine territories to go including Germany, France, Japan and China.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall added $2.3m from 1,005 in 20 for $31.7m and opened in fifth place in Spain on $630,000 from 252. Austria stayed top for the second weekend in a row and stands at $700,000 after three weekends while Germany has amassed $3.1m after the same amount of time. Nim's Island stands at $15.5m through Universal/UPI.

Paramount/PPI's Kung Fu Panda added $21.5m from 3,401 sites in 24 territories and is a hairs breadth away from $100m on $98.5m.

Highlight launches included number one in Australia on $6.9m from 270 and number one in Taiwan on $1.4m from 60 despite an outbreak of entovirus that sparked a ban on under-fives from public play areas. Hong Kong generated $831,000 from 62 for the biggest animated launch in history while New Zealand produced a $645,000 number one finish from 72.

Kung Fu Panda opens next weekend in the UK, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia, Czech/Slovakia, Iceland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull added $11.4m from 4,721 in 62 territories for a stunning $413m cumulative international running total. The largest contributions came from Japan's $5.2m from 327 sites for $24m, the UK's $1.3m from 404 for $77m and Germany's $899,000 from 588 for $27.3m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $20.1m from 4,200 theatres in 34 territories for $161.8m.

The picture launched at number one in the UK on $8m from 450 sites and opened at the top in France on $7.4m from 520.

Prince Caspian is expected to cross $200m by early next week and is the summer's third biggest release after Indiana Jones and Iron Man. It opens in Spain, Scandinavia and Benelux next weekend.

Wall-E got off to a good start in six Latin America countries and grossed $3.1m from 400 sites. Brazil led the way on $1.6m from 360 while Chile's $522,000 from 60 produced the biggest launch for a Disney animated film. Colombia's $498,000 from 90 produced the second biggest launch for a Disney animated release.

Wall-E's major markets next weekend are Mexico and Russia.

Get Smart grossed $11.8m from 2,386 prints in 21markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) for $20.1m. The comedy launched in Australia in second place on $3.8m from 322 prints, second place in Mexico on $3m from 700 screens and number one in Argentina on $678,000 from 105 screens. WBPI'S Speed Racer stands at $40.6m with a Japanese opening to come on July 5.

Fox International's mystery The Happening added $6.7m from approximately 4,800 screens in 65 markets for $69.6m. What Happens In Vegas added $1.8m from approximately 1,200 screens in 22 markets for $124.6m and Street Kings has reached $33.6m.

SPRI's You Don't Mess With The Zohan added $3.4m from 1.065 in 10 for $19.2m. Made Of Honor grossed $2.2m from 1,675 in 33 for $47.8m while 21 stands at $70.7m.

The Incredible Hulk, which SPRI released in Spain, added $1.4m from 556 screens for $4.7m after two weekends. The large part of Spanish audiences would have been preoccupied with their country's victorious participation in the Euopean Championships final against Germany on Sunday.