A new French production company, Zig Zag Productions, has joined up with veteran producer Christian Fechner for the upcoming L'Incruste which Warner Bros will distribute in April 2004.

According to French weekly trade Le Film Francais, former agent Jean-Michel Stazzu, who created Zig Zag, has been developing L'Incruste over the past two years and the film is currently shooting.

The comedy stars Frederich Diefenthal of Taxi fame, comedian Titoff and Zoe Felix and is a first effort from directors Alexandre Castagnetti and Corentin Julius.

Fechner, who has produced such classics as La Soupe Aux Choux, Camille Claudel and worked with respected directors Patrice Leconte and Jean Becker has recently had success with straight comedies including La Tour Montparnasse Infernale and Chouchou.