Warner Bros has taken rightsin Latin America to Un Certain Regard closing film Habana Blues.

The company boarded the filmat script stage and kept rights in Portugal, Italy and Spain, where it has beenseen by more than 600,000 people since it bowed last month.

Pyramide International, whichco-produced the film and has rights in France, also closed sales to Austria(Film Laden), Switzerland (Xenix), Benelux (ABC) and Israel (Shani).

Habana Blues is aco-production between Spain's Maestranza Films, Cuba's ICAIC and France'sPyramide Productions in association with Warner Bros.

Benito Zambrano's follow-upto his hit debut Alone (Solas), Blues is about two musicianfriends who are forced to evaluate their lives and their prospects in Cuba whena European record label offers them a contract.

The film has a strong musicalcomponent and the soundtrack, distributed by Warner company DRO-Atlantic, hasentered the charts in Spain.