Local language comedy Good Bye,Lenin! kept up the pace in Germany inits fourth weekend, holding on to top spot with a powerful $3.7m (Euros 3.4m)from 570 prints and dropping a mere 14.5% from last week. It finished ahead ofopener Maid In Manhattan by 44.6%and has an $18.4m (Euros 17.2m) running score. Good Bye, Lenin! is an X-Verleih presentation of an X-Film CreativePool Production, distributed by Warner Bros.

Meanwhile other weekendinternational business for Warner revolved around romantic comedy Two WeeksNotice which grossed $7.2m with 1.4madmissions from 3,114 screens in 44 territories over the weekend, includingVillage Roadshow markets, for an $81.1m international cumulative score.

Highlights included a numberone Brazilian opening on $443,000 (local currency 1.5m) from 150 screens and athird-place bow in Belgium, where the picture grossed $492,682 (Euros 452,168)from 54 prints.

Holdovers in Germany (fourthweekend) and the UK (fifth weekend) yielded respective cumulative totals of$12.2m (Euros 11.4m) and $20.2m (pounds 12.3m). Two Weeks Notice is scheduled to open in Argentina, Chile and theCzech Republic on Mar 13 and in Sweden on Mar 21.

Comedy sequel AnalyzeThat raised its international total,including Village Roadshow territories, to $20.9m. In its first internationalopening, the action-thriller Cradle 2 The Grave was expected to finish number one in Malaysia on$232,000 (RM881,000) with 99,000 admissions from 37 prints. Final figures werenot available due to a national holiday. The picture is due to open in thePhilippines on Mar 12, Singapore on Mar 13, Hong Kong on Mar 20 and Thailandand the UK on Mar 28.

The comedy Kangaroo Jack opened number one in Puerto Rico on $288,585 with71,345 admissions on 46 screens. It is due to open in Mexico and Singapore onMar 20.

Meanwhile Harry PotterAnd The Chamber Of Secrets isclosing in on $600m worldwide at the box office after a record second weekendin Venezuela boosted the family sequel's running total to $596.7m.

In Venezuela, the picturegrossed $192,000 from 76,000 admissions on 80 screens, marking the biggestsecond weekend of 2003 so far and the second biggest second weekend of all timefor a Warner Bros picture in the territory behind Harry Potter And TheSorcerer's Stone. To date thepicture has grossed $648,000.