Warner BrosPictures Germany has extended its partnership with Germany's X-Filme andits distribution arm X-Verleih in a long-term, multi-faceted distribution agreementcovering up to 20 films.

The relationshipbegan in 2001 with the release of Connie Walter's romance Wie Feuer UndFlamme and has continued through to the recent successful theatrical, DVD andVHS distribution of Wolfgang Becker's award-winning comedy Goodbye Lenin!

"We arelooking forward to continuing the great relationship with X-Verleih that wehave achieved in working together on such famous movies like Goodbye Lenin! inthe last three years," Willi Geike, vice president and managing directorof Warner Bros Pictures Germany, said in a statement.

"I am happyto continue the not only successful but also faithful and harmoniousrelationship with Willi Geike and his team at Warner Bros PicturesGermany," said Manuela Stehr, co-chairman of the board of X-Verleih.

Stephan Arndt,co-chairman of the board of X-Verleih, added: "A close and procreativecollaboration has been developed not only with Willi and his team in Germany,but also with Richard J Fox, executive vice president of international atWarner Bros Entertainment."