Warner Bros International's Pokemon: The First Movie had a record-breaking opening weekend in 11 international markets last weekend, grossing $14.6m and landing at number one in five markets - Germany, the UK, Spain, Israel and Finland. It also moved up to the number one position in Belgium, rising 59% from its first weekend and dropped 28% in its second weekend in France.

Pokemon, a Japanese animated movie based on characters created by Satoshi Tajiri, opened domestically on Nov 10, 1999, to an astonishing $31m gross. It went on to take $84.8m in North America. The film's international gross now totals $35.6m, according to Warner Bros president of international theatrical distribution Edward E Frumkes.

Opening before the Easter holiday throughout Europe, its grosses over the weekend were as follows:

  • Germany - grossed $4.655m on 712 screens, making it the biggest opening in admissions terms and the second biggest in box office in Warner history. The opening was the biggest ever for an animated film in Germany.
  • UK - grossed $4.5m on 635 screens making it the fourth best Warner Bros opening ever.
  • Spain - grossed $1.25m on 250 screens, the sixth highest Warner Bros opening ever.
  • Israel - grossed $400,000 on 33 screens, marking the biggest opening in Israel box office history.
  • Finland - grossed $304,000 on 35 screens, making it the biggest Warner opening in Finland ever.
  • Austria $304,000 on 73 screens
  • Sweden $208,000 on 58 screens
  • Norway $222,000 on 32 screens
  • Switzerland $195,000 on 41 screens
  • Denmark $103,000 on 30 screens
  • Portugal $106,000 on 45 screens