Continuing Hollywood's recent infatuation with Korean remakes, Warner Bros has bought English-language remake rights to Cinema Service's romantic comedy Marrying The Mafia.

The deal sees Warner pay Cinema Service a 'mid six figures' dollar sum and a share of the profits from the remake. US rights to the original film are not currently part of the deal.

The deal, brokered by Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, was signed by Cinema Service's Jennifer Muhn and Josh Lee. Warner has not yet set the project up with a US producer and casting and budget issues remain open.

Marrying The Mafia sees a Mafia boss' daughter unexpectedly spend the night with a stranger, who happens to be an intellectual. Instead of taking this as a reason for unleashing vengeance, the Mafia warlord uses this as an opportunity to elevate has family into society's elite

The original film, directed by Jung Heung-soon and produced by Taewon Entertainment, was seen by a massive 4.7 million admissions in Korea and gets its market premiere here at Mifed.