Varsity boxing documentary Blue Blood was acquired by Warner Music Entertainment in February 2007 and marks the company's first theatrical release. The film will open in selected UK cinemas May 11 with a DVD release planned for later in 2007.

Warner Music Entertainment has acquired boxing documentary Blue Blood and a UK theatrical release (a company first) on May 11 followed by a DVD release.

Stevan Riley's film is about five very different Oxford University students trying to compete against Cambridge during the annual boxing match. The film has an original score by Itamar Ziegler and features tracks from The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, The Beastie Boys and Metallica.

The project was made by Sylabik Films in association with Delirio Films. Riley also produced alongside Rafael Marmor.

Warner Music Entertainment, headed by Conrad Withey, is the newly launched video content unit created by the now-independent Warner Music's acquisition of The Rights Company and the merger with Warner Vision, Warner Music International's DVD unit.