Warner Bros. International Television Distribution hassigned an exclusive, multi-year free television deal with Russia's statebroadcaster TV Channel Russia (formerly called RTR).

The deal sees TV Channel Russia get the terrestrialtelevision rights to a slate of current and upcoming feature films, including HarryPotter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Matrix Revolutions, Troy, The LastSamurai and Ocean's 12.

Also included in the deal is Lord of the Rings: Return ofthe King, which recorded the highest ever box office for a U.S. film inRussia during its theatrical release.

In addition, TV Channel Russia will have access to WarnerBros. Pictures' extensive range of library titles, as well as new televisionseries, including Friends' spin-off Joey and new dramas Veronica Marsand Eyes, television movies, mini-series and animation.

The deal was announced by Jeffrey R. Schlesinger, President,Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, and Anton Zlatopolskiy,General Director, TV Channel Russia.