Once again Beowulf ruled the waves as the animated ancient English adventure story grossed an estimated $26m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from more than 5,400 prints in 43 markets for $48.5m.

The film ranked number one in approximately 20 of its new 23 markets this weekend, fired up by an excellent $4.3m (105.5m roubles) Russian debut from 492 prints.

Beowulf plundered $3.2m (Eu2.2m) from 450 prints to rank second in Spain behind Enchanted, $2m (Eu1.4m) from 481 in France to rank second and $1.9m (Ps 20.6m) from 512 to rank number one in Mexico.

The film generated $511,000 (Eu350,000) for second place in Holland, $400,000 (Eu288,000) from 52 for first place in Belgium and $186,000 (Ps 583,000) for number one in Argentina.

In second weekend holds, Beowulf added $3m (£1.5m) from 454 sites in the UK to rank second behind American Gangster on $9.3m (£4.5m) and stayed top in South Korea as $1.4m (KRW 1.3bn) from 159 prints elevated the running total to $5.8m (KRW 5.3bn).

The adventure tale also added $1.4m (Eu940,000) from 714 in Germany for $4m (Eu2.7m), $1.2m (Eu810,000) from 382 to rank fifth in Italy on $4m (Eu2.7m), and scored a pair of number one holds in Taiwan and Hong Kong on $384,000 (NT $12.4m) from 133 for $1.8m (NT $59.4m) and $248,000 (HK $1.9m) from 43 for $954,000 (HK $7.4m) respectively.

Upcoming releases include Australia on November 29, Brazil and Sweden on November 30 and Japan on December 1.

Universal's crime saga American Gangster continued its impressive run as $11m from 1,569 sites in 16 territories raised the early cumulative total to $30.7m.

Weekend business was powered by a $3.7m (£1.8m) number one hold in the UK from 416 venues for $11.7m (£5.7m) and a number one hold in Germany, where $2.1m from 358 claimed 20% market share and raised the tally to $5.7m.

Outstanding number one launches in Scandinavia produced $450,000 from 60 sites in Sweden and $410,000 from 33 in Norway.

American Gangster held on to top spot in France on $2.5m from 366 for $6.5m. The film ranks top in Austria on $310,000 from 63 venues raised the running total to $800,000. The film will open around the rest of the world over the next three months.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age took $4.7m from 1,582 locations in 20 territories for an early total of $28.8m. The historical adventure launched in South Korea on $890,000 from 194 sites.

It grossed $777,000 from 220 in the second weekend in Australia for $2.5m and added $460,000 (£230,000) in the fourth weekend in the UK to rank 11th on $9.6m (£4.7m). Elizabeth: The Golden Age opens around the world over the next four months.

The Bourne Ultimatum keeps on going and added $2.4m from 847 venues in 20 territories for $207.8m, overtaking the combined final total of the previous two episodes on November 21.

China stands at $2.3m after 11 days and has already passed the lifetime totals of the two earlier instalments. Japan added $1.3m from 304 for $10.4m after three weekends. The worldwide total for The Bourne Ultimatum is $435.2m.

The Kingdom grossed $1.8m from 1,058 sites in 33 territories for $33m, powered by the Spanish debut that generated $500,000 from 151 to rank seventh. The action thriller opens in Italy next weekend. The romance Atonement grossed $800,000 from 417 sites in 10 territories for $30.1m.

DreamWorks-Paramount's The Heartbreak Kid took $7.5m through PPI from 2,006 locations in 43 territories to stand at $62m.

The film opened top in Australia on $2.1m from 232 sites including $404,000 in previews, and also launched at number one in New Zealand on $148,000 from 44 screens.

Decent holdovers business saw the comedy remake add $1.2m from 446 sites in Germany for $10m, $1.1m from 200 in Italy for $7.1m and $452,000 from 96 locations in Brazil where it climbed to number one and stands at $2.9m.

Stardust continued to close in on $100m as $2.5m from 1,778 venues in 60 territories raised the tally to $92.5m. The largest contribution came from the UK where $1.5m from 430 locations raised the running total to $28.1m. Bee Movie grossed $921,000 from 563 locations in five territories for $12.5m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) Enchanted took $7m as it launched number one in each of its maiden eight territories where the film played on 1,000 screens.

The animated-live action fairy tale opened in Spain on $3.7m from 350, Russia on $1.8m from 375, Singapore on $706,000 from 60 and the Philippines on $320,000 from 60.

Ratatouille crossed $400m at the weekend as $3.9m raised the international cumulative total to $401.3m. The film is Disney/Pixar's second biggest international release and Disney's sixth biggest overseas film.

It also ranks as the industry's 28th biggest international release and stands at a $607.5m global tally. After seven weekends Ratatouille ranks fourth in the UK on $49m and after eight it ranks sixth in Germany on $45.2m.

WDSMPI opened the Italian acquisition Milano Palermo, a comedy, at number one on $2.2m from 300 sites.

The Game Plan stands at $15.3m following a $1m haul. The highlight so far is Mexico on $9m. The film opens across the rest of the world in March 2008.

Lions For Lambs Added $4.4m through Fox International from 2,500 screens in 45 markets for $25m. The anti-war tale opened in France on $1.4m from 390.

The action thriller Hitman opened day-and-date with North America in Taiwan and 11 small markets and took $1.1m from 261 screens.

The Darjeeling Limited launched in the UK in sixth place on $872,000. Die Hard 4.0 stands at $246.4m.

Resident Evil: Extinction grossed $2.2m from 1,125 screens in 30 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) for $54.9m. The horror film has amassed $89.6m through all distributors.

Surf's Up added $1.8m from 1,590 screens in 27 markets for $82.2m. The animated family title opened in Denmark in the top two on $250,000 from 51.

Mandate International's Saw IV added $4m for $42.5m.