Warner Bros Home Video and mobile phone operator 3 Italia have launched an on-demand film service for 3’s videophone customers.

The deal, which had a soft launch last month, offers 60 Warner Bros films for $5.60 (€4), which can then be accessed for 72 hours. According to Warner Bros and 3 Italia, 6m mobile films were sold in the first month.

Warners Bros has made a portofolio of films available for up to six months, but will add eight library titles each month. The Shining,South Park, Lethal Weapon, Interview With A Vampire, Troy, You’ve Got Mail, Catwoman and Training Day are all currently available on the platform.

Stefano Scauri, Warner Bros Home Video managing director, said: “We believe differentiating the way our product can be accessed, through choosing innovative platforms like mobile viewing helps diffuse the love of cinema.”