Director Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert of Sheffield-based film production company Warp Films have launched 5 Day Features, a movement inviting film-makers of all levels to shoot a film in five days.

Meadows and Herbert have set the lead with Le Donk, the first feature in the series to be released by Warp Films. The improvised comedy was shot over five days by Meadows and was devised with Paddy Considine, who also stars.

Itwill have its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 23 and will be followed by a talk on the programme from Meadows and Herbert on June 24.

The low-budget rockumentary follows Le Donk, a rock roadie and failed musician who finds a new sidekick in up-and-coming Nottingham rap prodigy Scor-zay-zee.

Warp has already been approached by directors with their projects and news of the films to be released will follow later this year.

Meadows said: “After taking two life sapping years to make This is England, I decided it was time to get back to my roots as a guerilla film-maker. So me, Mark and our miniscule team decided to stick two fingers up to the establishment and make a film with our own money in only five days. Oh yeah, and we had to somehow get 50,000 people in our final scene for free.”

Herbert added: “The making of this film was a road-trip in itself.  It had all the intensity of a six week shoot but condensed into five days.  It was riveting, terrifying and a laugh from start to finish.  Basically whilst waiting for lawyers to sort out our next film we went off in a van and made Le Donk.”

The film bewill be distributed by Warp Films at the end of September.  This will be followed by a five day theatrical tour and the DVD and download release. 

Digital film studio Warp X, which is allied with Warp Films, has teamed up with Future Cinema, for a concert - The Night of Musical Delights. It will take place following the UK premiere screening of All Tomorrow’s Parties at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 24.

The concert is part of a live cinema event presented by Future Cinema, the force behind Secret Cinema.

All Tomorrow’s Parties is a described as a kaleidoscopic journey into the parallel musical universe of the cult music festival of the same name. It is shot on different mediums by over 200 filmmakers, fans and musicians over the festival’s recent history.