Kate and her daughter are coerced into a yacht trip with Kate’s ex husband, but things go horribly wrong when a storm destroys their boat and they’re forced to survive in the life-raft.

Production companies: Future Films, Delux Productions, Banana Films

Backers: Qix, ARD Degeto, De PAlacio

Producers: Jean-Luc Van Damme, Bob Bellion, Jimmy De Brabant, Kwesi Dickson, Jan Fantl

Budget: $11.5m

Intl sales: 6 Sales

Director: Maria Ripoll

Screenplay: Marie-Laure Berthelin, Greg Latter

DoP: Michel Abramowicz

Cast: Dougray Scott, Franka Potente, Maria Botto

Locations: Ciudad De La Luz studios, Alicante, Spain

Contact: Future Films, (44) 207 009 6600

Status: Production