article27, a worldwide online entertainment syndicator, has acquired global streaming rights to five silent feature films starring Mary Pickford and North American streaming rights to a group of early Russian films from New York-based Milestone Film & Video.

The Pickford films are Amarillo Of Clothes-Line Alley, Daddy Long-Legs, My Best Girl, Stella Maris and Tess Of The Storm Country. The Russian films in the deal are from Milestone's Before The Revolution banner.

Also included as part of the deal that was clinched between Rolfe Swinton, co-CEO of article27, and Dennis Doros of Milestone, are the global streaming rights to Eleanor Antin's The Man Without A Word.

article27 plans to distribute these titles through its digital syndication distribution platform, a home entertainment platform through which it uses portals and websites to create a network of micro-distributors to deliver its library of films to different segments of the on-line audience.

The operation already has distribution arrangements with several international suppliers including RAI Trade, the British Film Institute, Jane Balfour Films and AB Svensk Filmindustri.