A group of e-commerce and advertising executives have launched article27, a London and New York-based company that plans to market and distribute features via the Web.

The company, which aims to launch its Internet site to consumers this summer, has been acquiring rights to films and has alliances with indie film companies such as Zeitgeist Films, New Yorker Films and Films Transit. The operation aims to access new technology to deliver films over the Internet but will also use traditional formats such as video and DVD.

Heading the company are joint CEOs Christian Strain, who has a background in e-commerce and co-founded BigEmma.com, and Rolfe Swinton, who has served a stint at advertising company Ogilvy & Mather. Additionally, Internet technology specialist Scott Switzer is chief technical officer, while Liam Sullivan, a co-founder of BigEmma.com, is chief operating officer.

Users will also be able to interact with film-makers through the site. The site is also to target specific customers based on their registered interests and past selections.