The Weinstein Company hasacquired rights for North America, the UK and Ireland to Hong Kong actionthriller SPL.

Arclight Films is sellingthe film which stars action veterans Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and Simon Yam alongwith up-and-coming wushu star Wu Jing. Directed by Wilson Yip (Bullets OverSummer), the film premiered at thisyear's Toronto International Film Festival to strong reviews and distributorinterest.

Written by Szeto Kam-yuenand Ng Wai-lun, the film tells the story of Hong Kong cop (Yam) who isdetermined to bring down a ruthless crime lord (Hung). A hard-kicking policeinspector (Yen) is sent to replace the cop but ends up breaking the rules toput the crime lord behind bars.

The film was produced byCarl Chang and 1618 Action Limited with backing from Hong Kong's Abba Movies.Arclight came on board as international distributor after the film had wrapped.

The title, SPL, is derived from the initials of three renegadestars in Chinese astrology which take on good or evil characteristics dependingon their position in the heavens.

Michelle Krumm brought thefilm to The Weinstein Company. The acquisition follows the appointment of BeyLogan as The Weinstein Company's new rep in Asia. He was formerly Arclight'sHong Kong rep.