Pierre Weisbein'sGreen Room Pictures has struck a deal with producers Rob Fried and Dan Kestonof Fried Films/The Pantry to handle international sales on Damned.

The film is ahorror title written by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller, who sold the spec script toFried Films/The Pantry. The story revolves around an all-American family thatsurvives a plane crash only to descend into a backwoods nightmare ofdemon-fearing religious fanatics.

Production isset to start production in June and negotiations are currently underway with adirector.

"The scriptis so smart and creepy. The antagonist is reminiscent of some classics of thegenre: Nicholson in The Shining, Bates in Misery and DeNiro in Cape Fear to name a few," said Fried whose credits include Collateral and the upcoming Man Of The Year directed by Barry Levinson.

Weisbein, whofounded Green Room as a boutique sales and production company, has previouslysold horror titles such as The Grudge, Boogeyman and White Noise.

Fried Films/ThePantry is represented by attorney Glenn D Feig of the law firm Reder & FeigLLP.