Wellspring Media, the newlyreconfigured US specialized distributor formerly called Winstar TV & Video,has partnered with US arthouse video label Criterion to release titles on DVD from itslibrary by the likes of Fassbinder, Truffaut and Rohmer as part of theCriterion Collection.

The new editions willfeature state-of-the-art upgrades of the films as well as available audiocommentaries by film-makers and scholars, restored director's cuts,deleted scenes, documentaries, shooting scripts, early shorts and storyboards.

Among the new films areeight films from Francois Truffaut including The Four Hundred Blows and Jules Et Jim, three from Reiner Werner Fassbinder including TheMarriage Of Maria Braun and Ali:Fear Eats The Soul as well as Rohmertitles such as My Night At Maud's and Claire's Knee.