US distributor Wellspringhas signed on as worldwide sales agent for the non-English-speaking world for Inthe Name Of Allah, a documentaryabout Islam and homosexuality by first-time film-maker Parvez Sharma.

The film, which is currentlyin production with shooting scheduled to finish at the end of the year anddelivery set for Sept 2004, is set in five continents and follows characterswho approach the intersection of their religion and sexuality in a variety ofways. It is being presented as a controversial plea for tolerance of gay peoplein the Muslim, Christian and Jewish worlds.

Andrew Herwitz of The FilmSales Company brokered the deal and is serving as executive producer. Theproduction is close to a deal with a UK broadcaster and is in discussion withseveral US distributors.

Producer of the film isSandi Dubowski whose award-winning film Trembling Before G_d explored a similar topic in the context of HassidicJews.