Director Wim Wenders has come on board for the new portmanteau film TheInvisibles (Los Invisibles), produced by Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

In October, Wenders will travel to Congoto shoot a short film about the sexual abuse of women in that country. His isthe last of five 15-20 minute projects to be shot for the film, which Bardem isproducing through his company Pinguin with help from Patricia de Muns at Reposado.

Other directors involved in The Invisibles (workingtitle) include Fernando Leon on children in Uganda;Isabel Coixet, who shot a fictional story set in Bolivia;Mariano Barroso with another fictional tale set in Central Africa; and Javier Corcuera, who made a documentaryabout war refugees in Colombia.

The project is being financed by Medicos Sin Fronteras(Doctors Without Borders) on the 20thanniversary of its launch in Spain.Broadcaster Television Espanola and TV3 of Catalunya have already acquired therights.

MediaPro is sponsoring the post-production of thecollaborative effort. The Barcelona-based heavyweight also capitalized on pressgathered at the Donostia-San Sebastian International Film Festival this weekendto confirm its participation as 20% co-producer in Jean-Jacques Annaud's $38m (Euros30m) His Majesty Minor.

Annaud started the 13-week shoot in Alicante, Spainon Sept 4 and will film part of the movie at the City of Light(Ciudad de la Luz) studios there. It stars Jose Garcia, Melanie Bernier, SergioPeris-Mencheta and Vincent Cassel in a mythological tale set on an imaginaryisland in pre-Homeric times.