Fortissimo's Michael JWerner has teamed with Andy Vajna, his former partner at Summit Entertainment,to act as sales and marketing consultant for Vajna's epic Hungarian production ChildrenOf Glory.

Children Of Glory is directed by Krisztina Goda, whose Just Sex AndNothing Else was one of Hungary'sbiggest local hits last year.

The new film is set againsta backdrop of the 1956 revolution in Hungary and will open in October in Hungaryto kick off the country's 50th anniversary celebrations. It is a love storybetween a revolutionary student, played by Kata Dobo, and the star of the nationalwater polo team, played by Ivan Fenyo.

The film, which wrapped lastweek, was written by Joe Eszterhas, who worked with Vajna on titles like BasicInstinct and Music Box.

'It's a happy reunion,'Vajna said in Cannes of his new alliance on the film with Werner. 'We wantto let people know that the film is finished and show some footage. The film isin Hungarian but it is not an art film so it will be a challenge but I amgetting a surprising amount of interest from US studios on the domestic side.The '56 revolution was the first chink in the armour of Soviet rule and itaffected the history of the world.'