The French sales company reveals deals on Laure Charpentier’s Gigola (pictured), René Féret’s Nannerl and more.

Wide Management, the prolific and ambitious French sales company with a slate encompassing arthouse, documentary and genre fare, has signed a wave of deals on the projects it has been presenting at the autumn markets.

Gigola (pictured) by Laure Charpentier has gone for all rights to CP Digital for Russia, CIS and the Baltic countries.

René Féret’s Nannerl  has gone to Rialto for Australia and New Zealand. This title has also been picked up by Murena International / Creme Record for Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

Meanwhile, All That I Love by Jacek Borcuch, which is Poland’s candidate for the Foreign Language Oscar, has been bought for French Canada by K-Films Amerique, and Czech title Mamas & Papas, directed by Alice Nellis, has also gone to Vagrant Films Releasing for Canada.

Staying in the Balkans, Croatian movie Just Between Us by Rajko Grlic has been sold to Japan (Only Hearts) for home video (rental and sell-through), TV, non-exclusive video-on-demand (VOD) rights and ancillaries.

Finnish title The House of Branching Love by Mika Kaurismaki has gone to Miranda Distribution for Argentina. The company has also taken Wide’s Italian movie, Different From Whom by Umberto Carteni.

Wide has also sold a number of feature documentaries including USA-Cambodian film Dancing Across Borders by Anne Bass, which has been bought by Nikkatsu corporation for Japan. Aussie documentary Wrong Side Of The Bus by Rod Freedman has been snapped up for the US and English Canada by First Run Features for non theatrical,Home Video (rental and sell-through), VOD & Internet rights.

Finally, French documentary Qhapaq Ñan, Voices of the Andes by Stéphane Pachot has been taken for all rights in the US by First Run.