In addition to the recently announced acquisition of Hayo Freitag's The Three Robbers, Wild Bunch has picked up Pop Skull heading into the Rome Film Festival.

The film, made for just a $2,000 budget, was found by Wild Bunch on 24-year-old director Adam Wingard's MySpace page. The trailer posted on MySpace had a 'much more cinematic look compared to the other films on MySpace,' according to Wild Bunch Distribution's Jerome Rougier.

The horror/thriller is very reminiscent of director Darren Aronofsky's work, according to Wild Bunch sales chief Vincent Maraval.

According to the film's website, Pop Skull 'depicts the lonely and disjointed life of Daniel, a young Alabama pill addict, as his efforts to cope with the trials of his day-to-day life collide with the increasing influence of murderous and displaced spirits that inhabit his home.'

The Three Robbers, meanwhile, will screen in the Alice In The City out of competition section at Rome . Wild Bunch's Second Wind from director Alain Corneau has a berth in the Cinema 2007 competition while the Alice In The City competition will feature Hana Makhmalbaf's Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame. Pop Skull and Rolf de Heer's Dr. Plonk are running in the Extra/Other Visions sidebar.