At the upcoming EFM in Berlin,French sales and finance outfit Wild Bunch will commence sales on the latestfilm from director Emir Kusturica about the life of football legend DiegoMaradona.

Maradona, a documentary that traces the player's rise to stardom, fall fromgrace and eventual redemption, travels from Argentinato Naples to Cuba,Barcelona, Yugoslaviaand other important locales of the man's life.

Produced by Pentagrama Films, Estudios Picasso, Wild Bunchand France'sFidelite, Maradona will be releasedby Wild Bunch distribution arm Pan-Europeenne. Finishing touches are being puton the project which could be ready for Cannes.

Also new is Nanni Moretti's The Caiman.Starring Silvio Orlando, the film is a departure for Moretti who often handlesthe lead role himself, however this time the director has taken a much smaller,though integral, part.

Focusing on political disenchantment in Italyseen through the eyes of a man beginning a second chapter in his life, the filmis something of a continuation in an arc Moretti began with 1994's Dear Diary. The Caiman is aiming to be ready for Cannes.

Dutch director Rolf de Heer's Ten Canoes,another Cannes possibility, willalso debut on Wild Bunch's Berlinslate. A sort of fable about tribal law, the film was shot in Australiausing a cast made up entirely of Aborigines.

Among other films on the Wild Bunch roster, first images will be shown ofEmanuele Crialese's The Golden Door,Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth,Richard Kelly's Southland Tales andChristian Charles' teen comedy Full Of It(formerly known as Nothing But The Truth).

Wild Bunch also boasts the sole French film in the Berlin Competition withClaude Chabrol's Comedy Of Power.