French sales and productionoutfit Exception Wild Bunch has received a cash infusion from NY based DaedalusMedia Partners, with further capital being injected by Paris-based IrisCapital.

Wild Bunch is now understoodto have $40m in funds. The funds will be used "to acquire, co-finance anddistribute high-quality theatrical motion pictures in the internationalmarketplace and to build Exception Wild Bunch's distribution operations inEurope," the companies said in a press release.

Through the deal, Daedalusand Iris will have a minority stake in Exception Wild Bunch. Daedalus also hasrelationships with Mark Canton's Atmosphere Entertainment and Steven Soderberghand George Clooney's Warner-based Section Eight.

Iris Capital said the dealwas part of a move to "develop a pan European and vertically integrated networkwith a step by step conservative financing approach."

Exception Wild Bunch is aformer subsidiary of StudioCanal with a Cannes slate including Michael Moore's Fahrenheit9/11 and the latest film from Danis Tanovic.