WildBunch has taken international distribution rights to Paolo Sorrentino'sCannescompetition title L'Amico di Famiglia (Friend Of The Family).

The $4.3m(Euros 3.4m) comedy-drama focuses on the odd attraction between a 60-year-oldphysically repellent loan shark (Giacomo Rizzo) and apretty young girl (Laura Chiatti). It also chronicleshis friendship with local cowboy-business partner-country music fanatic (Fabrizio Bentivoglio).

It is theNeapolitan director's third feature after L'Uomo in Piu and The Consequences of Love, and marks his second trip tocompetition in Cannes.

L'Amico di Famigliawas produced by Nicola Giuliano's Rome-based Indigofilm and Domenico Procacci'sFandango, in co-production with France's BabeFilm. It is backed by Medusa, who will release the film in Italy onSeptember 15.