WildBunch has hosted the hot stand at this year's EFM market, with the Frenchseller signing over 50 deal memos at Berlin so far.

Despitewell-publicised problems on Go Go Tales, Abel Ferrara has not scared offbuyers for his upcoming all-star Mary. Starring Juliette Binoche, ForestWhitaker, Heather Graham, and Mathew Modine, Mary has been pre-sold toProoptiki for Greece, Umut Sanat for Turkey, and Wild Bunch's sister companyPan-Europeene for France.

StuartGordon's (Re-Animator) black comedy Edmond, with William H Macyand Julia Stiles, has been sold to Falcom for Germany, Tartan Films for the UK,SPI for Poland, Umut Sanat for Turkey, and Pan-Europeene for France.

WildBunch has also had success with Bertrand Blier's How Much Do You Make',starring Monica Bellucci and Gerard Depardieu. It has gone to Seville forCanada, AudioVisual for Greece, Bim for Italy, Monolith for Poland, HollywoodClassics for the Czech Republic, Hungary's Best Hollywood, Turkey's Umut Sanat,Frenetic for Switzerland and Pyramid for Russia.

TsaiMing Liang's Berlin competition film Wandering Cloud was sold toAtalanta for Portugal ahead of its first Berlin screening.

MohsenMakhmalbaf's Sex And Philosophy has gone to Bac Films for France,Seville for Canada, Bim for Italy, Suraya for Malaysia. Scandinavia and Israeldeals are also completed.

WildBunch had further success with Carlos Saura's dance picture Iberia,which went to Japan's Comstock, France's Pan-Europeene and Umut Sanat forTurkey.

Newly-acquiredSundance comedy Dirty Love sold to Central partnership for Russia,Hollywood Classics for the Czech Republic, PCV for Greece and Falcom forGermany.

Anddespite a lukewarm critical reception Wild Bunch signed over 20 territories onBerlinale opening film Man To Man, with Kirsten Scott-Thomas and JosephFiennes. These include TVA for Canada, Lauren for Spain, Audiovisual forGreece, Lusomundo for Portugal, Cinemania for Ex -Yugoslavia, Best Hollywoodfor both Hungary and the Czech Republic, Front Row for the Middle east, Imaginemfor Brazil, Nontanund for Thailand, Diaphana for France, Cinelibre for Benelux,Frenetic for Switzerland, Bim for Italy, Blanco Y Treviso for Venezuela,Atalanta for Portugal and Domo Media for China.