French sales and financing outfitWild Bunch has announced the launch of a new project starring and written inpart by Sean Lennon, son of the late Beatle John Lennon, and produced by DonMurphy.

Wild Bunch will finance andhandle international sales on Coin Locker Babies, adapted from theJapanese best seller by Ryu Murakami and directed by advert and video directorMichele Civetta

Liv Tyler, Val Kilmer, AsiaArgento, Vincent Gallo and Japanese star Tanobu Asano are currently innegotiations to star in the film.

Lennon along with JordanGalland, Peter Kline and Civetta wrote the screenplay which Civetta will alsoproduce with partner Scott Kaplan. Murphy, whose credits include NaturalBorn Killers and From Hell, produces via his Angry Films.

The story is a surreal comingof age tale about two boys who are abandoned at birth in adjacent train stationlockers. They grow up in orphanages and with foster parents on a semi-desertedisland until they leave for the city in a quest to find and destroy the womenwho rejected them in the first place.

They end up in Toxitown whereone becomes a bisexual rocker and the other a pole vaulter whose modelgirlfriend lives in an apartment she has converted into a swamp for her petcrocodile.

A press release from WildBunch said: "Together and apart their journey from a hot metal box to astunning, savage climax is a brutal funhouse ride through the eerie landscapeof late 20th century Japan."