French sales house Wild Bunch has picked up international sales duties on Buena Vida Delivery, the Argentinian dark comedy which won last month's Mar Del Plata festival and the Toulouse festival of Latin American films.

"We don't often board such obviously cinephile pictures, but we feel strongly that this film will have a strong festival career and audience reactions have been excellent," said Gael Nouaille, world sales executive with Latin American responsibilities at Wild Bunch. "The Machiavellian trap into which the hero falls, the film's constriction and the human element make us feel that the film will work well beyond the art-house circuits."

The film tells the story of a delivery man whose girlfriend comes to live with him. Trouble arrives when her family tags along and begins to install his bakery in the apartment followed by a motley crew of marginal workers and illegal immigrants.

Wild Bunch will handle world rights outside the co-production territories of Argentina and France and has already licensed Spanish rights to Alta Films which saw the picture in Toulouse. French co-producer Edgard Tenembaum of Tu Vas Voir is handling the French sale and is reported to have several offers.

The film is by first time director Leonardo Di Cesare with a script by Di Cesare and Hans Garrino. It was produced by La Normanda Producciones, Argentinian public financier INCAA and Tu Vas Voir with executive credits going to Di Cesare and Sabina Sigler.