Wild Bunch is set to reteam with Emir Kusturica for his upcoming Pancho Villa biopic, which it is rumoured will star Johnny Depp.

The film, whose title is not yet definitive, is an adventure comedy about the legendary Mexican revolutionary. Intended to be shot in Spanish, the film was written by Kusturica. A big-name screenwriter is expected to polish the Spanish version.

The big-budget picture is in the process of being cast. Wild Bunch did not confirm the casting of Depp or Salma Hayek, who has been widely rumoured to join him. There are seven major roles, which are expected to attract name talent.

Wild Bunch is distributing the first version of the script here at the EFM.

Meanwhile, Wild Bunch has closed some key territorial deals on Zhang Yimou’s Blood Simple remake, A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop which screens here on Sunday.

Momentum has taken UK, Metropolitan Filmexport has taken France and Golem has taken Spain. Sony Pictures Classics, which has a longstanding relationship with Zhang, has rights in the US, Latin America and Australia/New Zealand, with a US release scheduled for April this year.